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Hubbard positioned an infinite level of great importance about the symbols contained in “the R6 bank” — this series of “implants” put in in Anyone on earth 75 million decades back. Listed here He's conversing about this subject matter, yet again in 1968:

This can be a current tweet that was sent to me (I can't see Erika’s tweets simply because I'm blocked, even though I have in no way tried to tweet to her, Buddy her as well as point out her):

Thes people are unsafe and it jus kills me that folks nevertheless give it so much electricity so they can proceed in it’s Completely wrong-undertaking. IDK, All I can perform is continue to hope to the working day when they at last awaken and find out what’s been there alongside.

I assumed LRH wasn’t useless, but just on A different world continuing his do the job….so He's useless and resting in peace?

I am not criticizing you Marildi. I am simply just stating an observation of one's ‘no display’ over the Critics web site and an extremely big existence publishing to guard The nice title of Ron.

These are the facts that happen to be as well usually ignored in these “it’s just One more nutty religion” responses. It’s not.

God bless you for this remark, it amazes me to no conclusion how the scientology beliefs book media has developed a destructive frenzy about this religion and Nearly All people bought carried absent hook line and sinker. I am a hundred% christian, but in addition scientology beliefs disabilities open up minded. I watch religion features a cube with the Sunlight shining on it and guy on major a hill.

The lecture and Basics book covers constantly bothered me, they normally made the contents appear so appealing and then when you listened to them they had been the same old hour upon hour of hubbard drivel.

e where by the church pursues a critic with the intention of RUINING HIM), pressured disconnections from family users and many others and many others and on and on.

Now I could Supply you with much of your symbolism and so on which goes together with this but you find it recorded. This, not surprisingly, person responds to an exploding volcano [reveals a DMSMH book entrance protect, which happens to be an exploding volcano]. He responds to that. He understands that.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote over thirty million text and recorded some 3000 lectures on the topic of Dianetics (precursor to Scientology) and Scientology. scientology beliefs about creation To find out what Scientology is – read a book. I suggest Difficulties of Work which consists of the basic concepts of Scientology placed on the do the job-a-working day world.

No other religion forbids ANY Speak to with shunned customers, or puts a person’s very own membership, and connections with a person’s personal family, at risk for having any Get hold of with disaffected family customers.

Hayes’s affiliation with the Church isn’t really a solution, but we have been stunned when we discovered. The late singer behind classic songs like “Shaft” and his rendition of “Wander On By” truly started off studying Scientology in 2005.

In accordance with the film, in the '70s, a lot of Scientologists were being directed for getting Work in Section of Justice and IRS workplaces in an effort to steal paperwork in opposition to or associated with the Church.

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